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CT Scanner
MARS Microlab 5x120
High-resolution color CT imaging for preclinical research, complete with advanced imaging analysis tools. MARS scanner generates multi-energy images with high spectral and high spatial resolution and with low noise. This allows functional imaging by simultaneously identifying and quantifying various components of soft tissues, bone, cartilage as well as exogenously administered contrast agents, nanoparticles, and pharmaceuticals in a single scan. The specimen to be imaged remains stable on a translatable bed with rotating gantry that houses an x-ray tube and a MARS camera. With the MARS Microlab 5X120 scanner, specimens up to 120mm diameter and 700mm in length can be imaged (up to 300mm can be imaged in a single scan). • Spectral range: 30-120 keV • Variable source and detector distances giving variable magnification • MARS Vision workstation with the MARS Vision visualization and image analysis software for energy and material analysis • Radiation dose similar to conventional CT (20-80 mGy) • Fully x-ray shielded cabinet on industrial, locking caster wheels • Reconstruction, processing and PACS server rack mounted inside scanner • Data acquired and stored in a standard medical format (DICOM) • Adjustable filters, and x, y automatic tracking collimators • Scan time: 8 minutes for a sample with 30 mm diameter and 15 mm length

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Imaging Analysis and Consultation

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Spectral Instruments Imaging, Inc.
The Spectral AMI-HT provides unrivaled sensitivity for bioluminescence and fluorescence in vivo imaging. AMI-HT acquires quantitative images from a diverse set of applications including well plates, plants and small animals. Designed around the needs of animal scientists, the Spectral AMI IVIS Imaging system include a robust build, patented LED illumination source, custom filter options, -90°C cooled camera, and absolute calibration to enable high throughput imaging. · 5 Mouse Capacity (BLI/FLI) - 25cm x 17cm field of view. · LED Fluorescence Illumination · 10 Wavelengths/10 Filters. Additional filters can be added/changed by operator, if needed · Mouse-friendly heated Platform allows you to easily recover wandering mice · Anesthesia compatible with all third party gas anesthesia systems · -90°C Cooled Camera. Ultra cold for maximum sensitivity · Absolute Calibration ensures quantifiable data

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NanoScan PET CT.jpg
nanoScan PET/CT
The integrated nanoScan PET/CT platform is the industry-leading PET/CT imaging technology that satisfies rigorous research requirements. The nanoScan precisely integrates high-end PET and CT subsystems with a common workstation and animal support. A summary of key benefits and specifications can be found at

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NanoSPECT CT.jpg
NanoSPECT/CT is a robust multi-modality system enabling routine 3D functional imaging of SPECT tracers at sub-half-mm resolution. The broad selection of patented M3 collimators (multi-focus, multi-size, multi-pinhole) empower users with vast capabilities for both focused organ and whole-body applications with the best quantitative accuracy (>97%). A summary of key benefits and specifications can be found at

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SAI Animal Technical Service
Minimum - 1/2 hour

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