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Gamma Facility
Unit= 1/2 day Minimum half-day CONTACT mary_montesalvo@uml.edu FOR AVAILABLE DATES This facility is an irradiation room having an equi-dimensional volume of 512 cubic feet. A wide range of dose rates, 1Gray (100 rad) per hour to 10,000 Gray (1 Mrad) per hour, is available. Several small ports penetrate one shielding wall to provide access for instrumentation cables. Uses: bulk sterilization, bulk material evaluation, electronic component evaluation. For 1/2 service please reserve under service with a unit of measure of "ea". DLA RHA Source Suitability for TM1019 of MIL-STD-750 and MIL-STD-883.
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Industry Rates
Special:$1,600/1/2 day
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In Core & Beam Facilities
CONTACT leo_bobek@uml.edu FOR AVAILABLE DATES   In-Core Samples Pneumatic (Rabbit) Sample System: The pneumatic sample systems allow for the rapid movement of small experimental samples for neutron exposure purposes.    Maximum sample dimensions are 3.8 cm by 12.5 cm and a mass of less than 300g.   In-core Sample System: Samples for in-core neutron irradiation are typically placed in 7 dram polyethylene sample vials having dimensions 1-inch inside diameter by 2-inch long.  Other sample packaging methods may be considered.   Neutron Beam   NOTES: (1) Minimum 3 hour charge. (2) Neutron radiography requires additional fee - see Lab Staff Expertise.   Beam-port: The beam-port provides a six-inch diameter neutron beam with energies throughout the fission energy spectrum for various research applications.   Thermal Column:  The thermal column provides four 6-inch diameter thermal energy neutron beams.  One beam is configured for neutron radiography.      Experiments involving neutron beams may require prior approval of the UML Reactor Safety Committee.
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Lab Staff Additional Costs
Additional fee for Quality Assurance reporting or for additional staff support associated with extensive sample handling requirements, facility modifications, or escort of users in the lab.  Hours to be determined as needed.

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Reactor Neutron Facilities
Fast Neutron Irradiator
CONTACT leo_bobek@uml.edu FOR AVAILABLE DATES NOTE: Fast neutron irradiation costs are $500 per hour or $1500 per irradiation (whichever is greater).  User is responsible for return shipping costs. The Fast Neutron Irradiator (FNI) is designed to provide a fast neutron flux level 1E11 n/cm2-s (silicon 1MeV equivalent), with very low thermal neutron fluence and low gamma dose rates. Samples with a cross-sectional area as large as 30cm(12”) x 30cm(12”) and up to 15cm(6”) thick can be irradiated. DLA RHA Source Suitability for TM1017 of MIL-STD-750 and MIL-STD-883. Experiments involving neutron beams may require prior approval of the UML Reactor Safety Committee.
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